Workshops & Seminars

Indian Golf Circuit (IGC) is committed to administering the Rules of Golf and to the ongoing education of IGC members on the Rules of Golf. Through IGC Rules Education programs, IGC members have access to learning the four levels of the Rules of Golf. Golf Ontario regularly conducts Level 3 Rules Workshops for those seeking certification or re-certification, and IGC also responds to members' Rules questions.

1. Rules Training Workshops : In additional to Rules education, Indian Golf Circuit also provides seminars on Going After a Golf Scholarship, to provide parents and aspiring collegiate golfers on information about how to obtain a golf scholarship, as well as Handicap Certification Seminars, and a variety of education and training programming through IGC.

2. Handicap Certification Seminars : Community Golf Coach program from the IGC India
Community Golf Coach workshop is designed for those who would like to, work with children or youth to introduce the basic skills of golf. The overall goal of this workshop is to help prepare coaches to be competent in the skills required by a community coach. Not only will we have interactive classroom discussion, but we will also put that theory into action by getting hands on practice with outdoor components. This workshop falls under the Community Stream within the Indian Pitching & Putting Union (I.P.P.U & International Pitching & Putting Association (I.P.P.A)