Talent Hunt

In India, there is no shortage of natural talents who are best at their natural game of golf. They require to be discover, identify and add in main stream of golf sports. Indian Golf Circuit is committed to conduct talent hunt at all levels. Once right talent comes, we will nurture them also at all levels.

While your child is developing their golf skills, it is more important to focus on long-term goals, rather than short-term objectives. Instead of pushing children to be champions right here and now, it is better to nurture their ability to apply their talent later, when they are ready for the challenge.

In an under-age tournament, there is only one winner. Because children's physical and emotional development varies, your individual child's maturity will have a big impact on the kind of results they achieve.

Using under-age tournaments as developmental challenges is far more beneficial than using them as predictors of future, adult success.You can support your child by considering the following points:
1. Ensure they know it is their right to participate in golf, and also their choice. They can choose not to participate and should not feel guilty about doing so.
2. Emphasize that a competition result is not the important thing. You will be therefor them irrespective of whether they win or lose.
3. Avoid criticizing them when they lose. They will be well aware of what theirmistakes have cost them; try to encourage them to learn from those mistakesinstead.
4. Be there until the end of their competition or match. Don’t leave if they start tolose or play badly.
5. Avoid using collective ‘we’, e.g. “We are playing a practice round”, or “We puttedpoorly today”. It’s your child’s game. You will be there if they need you, but youwon’t be playing.
6. Avoid using result-driven questions such as “Did you win?” or “What was yourscore?” Instead refer to performance – “How did you get on? How did you play?” Show you are concerned about the experience they’ve had, rather than the result.
7. Avoid comparing your child’s performance to that of their peers. Focus on their own abilities and goals.
8. Reward hard work and progress rather than results. This will encourage your child to keep striving instead of taking shortcuts like cheating for immediate gain.
9. Encourage other interests. Golf shouldn’t define your child.

Our Early age Programme For Kids
IGC is committed to develop very young golfers; since this can be started from early age and for that IGC has decided to start golf academies in schools. Kids from class 6th will enrol under this programme. Schools and kids will have no burden for caring golf sticks and other golfing material. A small contribution from them will nurture their talent to become an International Golfer. This special drive will be made to give them International Exposure; every year at least 30 school kids will be introduce in international golf tournaments across the world. The rich experience of international events will make them physically and mentally strong hence will develop them world class golfer. IGC will enrol schools for talent hunt and will conduct tournaments for schools at regional and national level. They are approx 400+ schools in India who can accommodate golf as prime sports. Keeping in view IGC assumes that 20,000 new kid golfers can be enrolled.

Open and Challenging Format
To make India a golfing hub IGC will organize open format tournaments in India at regional & national level. When we elaborate open Format it means everyone from India or across the world without any age discrimination, gender discrimination or without any authentic handicap can participate in these tournaments. Top four of every national level event will be send for representing India in International Golfing Event thus IGC is providing a fair and open chance to come and play for India and themselves.